Fihee is the largest growing service sector company of Gujarat for HVAC, surveillance Security, Fleet Management System, Networking and Electrical Services. Founded through a hardcore research & Development for years of service sector, Fihee started a trend of brand service, with a vision of penetrating 33 cities & 18,225 villages, even in most remote areas at most affordable rates.

Fihee Strongly believe that in business is achieved by doing what we do better and to maximum what we can do best Fihee enjoyed the unparallel growth, customer supports and trust due to its innovations, customer centric approach & unmatched precision in quality every time.

Just One Word to Say- We Serve You Best.


Indian economy is urbanizing at a very quick pace of time. And we are open to work with the likeminded peoples for the development of India. We realize the essentials of developing two things, first to improve quality and second to penetrate up to last remote village of India.

Demonetization now is taking pace of E- monetization. Rails are turning Metros. Cottage industries are experiencing industrialization and modernization. Indian economy is youth economy, where 700 million youth marking their presence over worlds economy. Indian youth entrepreneur are not merely asking for things or opportunities, they are striving to stand on their own feet to live a life of pride and dignity.

India is a developing youth economy, and Fihee is a youth empowered company. Our aim is to contribute Indian Infrastructure Development through IT, Electricity, Surveillance & Security, Transportation system services that constitutes core pillars of Infrastructure Development. We must plan adequately for growth of our nations, or societies and our peoples, and specially balancing our services between urban and rural infrastructure.



No man will make a great leadership, who want to do it all himself or got all the credit for doing it.

Our Team

We Believe in TEAM- Together Everyone Achieve Much
Fihee says “There is No Alternative for Quality, Precision & Time Delivery”. These are our core concept of work.