Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Our Service

  • On Call Service.
  • Comprehesive Annual Maintenance Contracts.
  • Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts.
  • Service, Repairs, Maintenance and Installations.

Corporate Sales

  • Windows and Split Air Conditioners.
  • Cassette and Duct Air Conditioners.
  • Water cooler, Bottle Cooler and Water Dispenser
  • Packaging and VRV, VRF

Why Fihee Fihee is the only specialized air conditioning service of Gujarat.

Latest theory and techniques developed by Research & Development, accordingly trained engineers & technicians, appliacation of latest gadgets makes Fihee the best in the fields.

Systematic Approach Towards Problem Diagnosis Ensures Precise Solution Everytime.

24x7 Quick Response Team

Toll Free for Complains Specialized Customer Care.

Service Centers Across all Major Towns and Cities of Gujarat.

Complete Realty Projects

Industrial Facility Maintenance

Installing Telepac System